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What is the Cost of a Failed Space Mission?



"By failing to prepare you prepare to fail" Benjamin Franklin. 

Saving on expert space radiation analysis may cost you your entire mission. 

Gambling with your mission's success by skimping on professional space radiation analysis is just not worth the high risks. 


 We are here to help optimize your changes of mission success. 


Optimize your mission's safety and success investing in thorough space radiation analysis by experts.


With a superb team of experts, ISE is a high-level scientific consulting firm specialized in offering comprehensive space radiation protection services throughout all levels of a space mission. 

From space radiation mission planning, dosimetry projections for commercial space missions, radiation analysis and studies for satellite and space platform systems (both military and civilian) amongst many other expertise cores. See "Our Services" for a more detailed list of services.





Space radiation can wreak havoc and even cause entire space missions to fail mainly by causing critical communications systems to malfunction and/or fail or incur risks to crews potentially impacting operational success specially when during deep space transits. To achieve a successful space mission, it is critical to engage in a thorough and early expert preliminary pre mission analysis to ensure potential risks are promptly identified, addressed, and mitigated. 

"Radiation shielding design needs to be part of the early design process of any vehicle or habitat, to maximize the shielding provided by the required vehicle mass as opposed to the incorporation of additional parasitic shielding mass as a last item."  NASA/TM−20220002905 NESC-RP-20-01589

Saving up on such expert analysis can increase the costs substantially in the long run due to potential avionics malfunctions, risks to crew safety incurring in potential legal lawsuits and even causing entire mission loss.

As we approach the next solar maximum cycle, predicted to be one of the most intense, the dangers from space radiation are amplified. In addition, the prediction of the level of success for the mission will derive operational concepts and return-of-investment expectations.


With a sound mission analysis and planning in advance the risks can be effectively managed and greatly minimized.

We can provide overall engineering support working with clients engineering teams to develop tailored and cost-effective solutions as adapted to the missions desired goals.

At ISE Radiation Experts we specialize in both crewed and uncrewed mission radiation analysis, providing the necessary expertise to best inform decisions at all levels of a space mission. With our expert analysis we can run detailed in-depth scenario analysis to help our customers take well informed decisions and optimize any parts/systems selection and understand their potential risks and how to best address them.


Once the expert analyses have been performed, an assessment of the potential risks to the mission at hand are carried out in order to propose cost effective tailored solutions that will help mitigate the risks.


We are currently about to start the Solar Maximum cycle predicted by the NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) to take place this year 2024 and its peak estimated to impact between late 2024 and early 2026.

 This solar maximum peak could occur even earlier than expected— between mid-2024 and the end of 2025. 

It is thus critical to start as early as possible to ready up any mission be it uncrewed and even more so crewed to be radiation optimized in order to prevent as much as possible any risks derived from radiation related failures.


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